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Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy

Our primary goal is to establish, maintain and manage a system of nature reserves and conserve biodiversity in the area of the Niagara Escarpment.

Freer Point Reserve

158 Nature Reserves!

Since 1997, we’ve created 158 protected areas on over 12,500 acres (50 square kilometres) of land.

Turner Reserve

Rare Species

Our reserves have 52 rare species.

Dwarf Lake Iris

Threatened (Canada) | Special Concern (Ontario)

Nature in Danger

With 11 million people, industry, infrastructure and farmland in Southern Ontario, nature is being pushed to the margins.

A gravel pit near one of our reserves

Nature is Essential

We create nature reserves and preserve land and biodiversity.
We believe that protecting nature is essential to our life.

Green Point Reserve

Nature Provides Value

We work with individuals and families who share our goals to protect nature.
We wish to prevent the erosion of nature, and protect services it provides.

Barney Lake Reserve

Our Nature Provides Ecosystem Services

Our reserves provide ecological services to Ontario’s economy every year and thousands walk our trails annually.

Mac Donald Reserve

Building Bigger Parks

Many of our reserves are adjacent to existing protected areas like Provincial Parks and Conservation Areas.

Cup and Saucer Reserve

Nature Makes us Healthy

Whether it be for educational purposes, exercise, or both, the benefits of nature are infinite!
We welcome people to visit our reserves, many of which have walking trails, and reap the rewards of an outdoor lifestyle!

Sauble River Reserve

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