Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy

The Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy is a charitable non-profit organization. Its volunteer board members come from Grimbsby to Gore Bay. Our mission is to create nature reserves allowing for sustainable, low impact recreation. We work closely with landowners, government and community groups and other environmental groups to attain our goals.

EBC’s Nature Reserve Network

Overall feb 2016

We are proud to report that, with the assistance of landowners and donors, we have protected 149 Nature Reserves with 11,378 acres (46 square kilometres) of land including:

Habitat of rare and endangered species – 64
Lake Huron shoreline – 18.2 km
Escarpment slope – 13.5 km
Trails currently open – 39 km
Trail potential – 80 km
Total value of land and rights to land – $14,877,000
Annual Ecological services protected – $20,400,000

Most of the above land is now owned by Escarpment Conservancy, but 45 properties with 3,874 acres are owned by private landowners who have placed conservation agreements on title preventing aggregate extraction, loss of farmland, severances etc.

We work from Caledon to Manitoulin and from Goderich to Mattawa. Please see the map with arrows to our protected areas. This is all part of Ontario’s Biodiversity Initiative to protect 17% of our land by 2020 and consistent with the International Biodiversity Initiative now signed by 168 countries.

Our focus areas include

Niagara Escarpment (including Manitoulin Island)
Huron shore (north of Goderich, islands and including Manitoulin’s shores)
Saugeen Valley

Check out our reserves to find out if we work in your area!