Brink Conservation Agreement Donation on Fairbanks Creek

We are pleased to announce that Helen Brink has donated a 100-acre Conservation Agreement in Grey County to the Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy (EBC). It is located northeast of Mount Forest on the south side of Southgate Road 10 between Southgate Sideroad 41 and Southgate Sideroad 47. Her property includes farm fields, forest and Fairbanks Creek.


The restrictions placed on residential, commercial and industrial development will protect the farmland, forest and wetlands on the property. This guarantees the conservation of the ecological integrity of the land for future generations.


IMG_3800smlThis property is also the habitat for a wide array of species at risk. Among them are birds like the Bobolink and the Eastern Wood-pewee, as well as the Monarch Butterfly. After what was thought to be a successful 2015 for the Monarchs, a news release over the weekend announced an uncharacteristic winter storm that hit a major overwintering area in Mexico. The storm resulted in the freezing of many roosting Monarchs which has led to a decline in the population. It’s hard to tell how big of an impact this event will have on the population but according Journey North, the number of “first sightings” this year is similar to those reported when the population was at its lowest. Protecting areas with large patches of milkweed, like those found on the Brink Property, will contribute to the efforts across North America to ensure the persistence of the Monarch population.

Thank you Helen for your generosity!

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