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From Barney Lake to the Huron Shore – Thank you for your Support

EBC’s fundraising campaign for the end of 2015 called for support to help us protect 1200 feet of pristine Lake Huron shoreline on the Northern Bruce Peninsula. The Northern Bruce Peninsula is known for its significant habitats. These include alvars, Great Lakes coast and unique geological features that contribute to biodiversity. Due to these features, this area has become an important target for conservation in southern Ontario. From the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) to Ontario Nature and the Ontario Heritage Trust, conservation organizations have been working hard to protect the quickly disappearing natural heritage of the Bruce Peninsula.

North Bruce map

Through lots of hard work, perseverance and support, EBC has successfully acquired the Hobson Property. A big thank you goes out to our major donor Emily Hobson all of our supporters that contributed to this acquisition at year end. A special thank you goes out to the Nature Conservancy of Canada and Environment Canada who provided support for this project through the Other Qualified Organizations (OQO) Program. This project would not have been possible without all of your support!

The addition of this parcel has connected existing nature reserves to form a contiguous 439-acre protected area that spans from the great lake shoreline to Barney Lake. This corridor is important, there are no roads that intercept the nature reserve allowing wildlife to roam freely between the shore and the inland lake. This nature reserve is entirely within the Cape Hurd – Baptist Harbour Life Science ANSI and the Barney Lake Life Science ANSI and Provincially Significant Wetland. This Property contains globally rare alvar habitat and many species at risk including Lakeside Daisy, Dwarf Lake Iris and many bird and reptile species. This Nature Reserve provides a place where future generations will be able to appreciate the true magnificence of our Great Lakes.

EBC was initially approached by Emily Hobson with two parcels, the one we proceeded to acquire, and a smaller parcel on the shore. Unfortunately, we did not have the funds for both parcels. EBC consulted with the NCC about a potential partnership, whereby we would acquire one parcel and they would acquire the second. We have recently been informed that NCC has successfully secured the property on the shore (see map below). This addition contributes to the existing linkages and secures a significant stretch of great lakes shoreline.

Nature Reserves

EBC will be working on trail development in the coming year to allow the public to enjoy the beauty of this nature reserve. Check back for updates!

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  1. Jan says:

    Thank you for all you do! See you at the butterfly festival at alvar bay Reserve if not before.

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