A $100 donation can buy

– $2000 dollars worth of of donated land (to pay for staff, appraisals, legal fees and sometimes a survey)

– About an acre of donated land

– About a tenth of an acre of purchased land

– About a metre of trail

Monthly Donations

Small monthly donations are less painful for you, but can go a long way for the EBC. We can put it on your credit card and give you a receipt at year end.


You can purchase EBC land “credits” to offset your house and grounds and the carbon dioxide you produce. EBC can protect a piece of nature just the right size to offset the degree to which your life has pushed back the forest and added to global warming. We have a study of the carbon offset capability of our forests. Take the Nature Calculator test and see how much nature you use!

Gifts in Kind

You can donate art, stamp or other collections, cars or other saleable goods which we will sell and receipt at that value.


You can name EBC in your will as a beneficiary for a fixed amount, percentage or a specific item like land, house, collection, shares or other tangible goods. Your estate can now benefit even more from such a gift after the changes in the last federal budget.

American Donors

American Friends of Canadian Land Trusts (AFCL) have supported Canadian land trusts for years. For more information about how you can help EBC please visit their website: American Friends of Canadian Land Trusts.