Miller Nature Reserve

Mountain Lake Skinner’s Marsh – Miller Nature Reserve

Margaret Miller contacted us after hearing Bob Barnett and Gunter Springer on Bill Murdoch’s radio show. She realized that donating her land as a nature reserve would provide community benefits and support healthy land cover forever. As of November 2016, EBC is the proud new owner of this wonderful piece of nature! The property shares its southern boundary with three other conservation areas! This sums up to a total of 700 acres of protected land from Francis Lake to Mountain Lake.

Miller - Local Map

The Miller Property is outlined in red in the image above. It is 254 acres in size and includes the (1) Mountain Lake Skinner’s Marsh Wetland Complex. Along the southern boundary are: (2) Gord Edwards’ Conservation Agreement Property; (3) GSCA Hepworth Creek Management Area; and (4) A Grey County Forest Property. The Mountain Lake Fen Life Science ANSI (5) and the Niagara Escarpment Plan Boundary (6) are just east of the Miller Nature Reserve.

The Miller Nature Reserve is in the Sauble River Watershed. This area is characterized by shallow, sheltered land promoting marsh development. Marshes account for a significant amount of the lower part of the Sauble River Watershed. Skinner’s Marsh, a provincially significant wetland, dominates the property and Hepworth Creek, a cold water creek, flows through the northern part of the land. The Nature Reserve falls within a “Significant Groundwater Recharge Area”. It is identified as a highly vulnerable aquifer. The protection of the Miller property will support a healthy watershed and contribute to actions put in place by the GSCA.

The Miller Nature Reserve is dominated by the Mountain Lake – Skinner’s Marsh Wetland Complex, a provincially significant wetland. Hepworth Creek flows through the Miller Nature Reserve.

A big thank you to Margaret Miller for this wonderful addition to our protected areas! Thank you to all our donors, your support allows us to help life long stewards like Margaret protect their land in perpetuity.

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