Stead – Tobermory

Stead-Tobermory Map

The Stead – Tobermory property is a 52-acre reserve and was purchased in 2005. This property is located in an area where many rare species have been spotted. This reserve is located in close proximity to areas of scientific interest, the Bruce Peninsula National Park and other natural areas owned by EBC, Nature Conservancy Canada, Ontario Nature and Ontario Heritage Trust.To access the property, starting in Tobermory, head west down Hay Bay Road. Continue along for about 1 km. At this point you may park on the side of the road, please do not park in front of the house. You can access the property by walking down the survey line.

Cape Hurd Reserves

This area is a biological hot spot and is threatened by cottage development. We, along with other organizations have grouped together to prevent development from encroaching any further. EBC now owns almost 1000 acres in this area, including the majority of Barney Lake. These reserves include the Barney Lake provincially significant wetland as well as almost the entirety of Barney Lake. Baptist Harbour, a life science area of interest includes all the reserves on the south side of Cape Hurd Road.

1. Cape Hurd – Barney Lake

Barney Lake

Support provided by the Nature Conservancy of Canada and Environment Canada assisted in securing part of this nature reserve and building the trail.

This nature reserve was built over several years. The first 300-acre parcel was acquired in 2002. It is adjacent to Cape Hurd Road, and as the name suggests, includes most of Barney Lake. In 2006, a further 50 acres were acquired from the Meyer Family. This property was not adjacent to the existing nature reserve. In 2012, EBC acquired a 45-acre parcel which was contiguous to the initial 300-acre reserve. This new parcel included alvar, wetland and dense forest. Finally, in 2015, we acquired the Hobson Nature Reserve with the significant contributions from Emily Hobson and our donors as well as support from the Nature Conservancy of Canada and Environment and Climate Change Canada. This parcel brought all of our parcels together in one contiguous piece protecting land from the Lake Huron shoreline all the way to Barney Lake. This funding also helped us develop a new trail on the property which leads you through alvar, wetlands and ultimately to the Lake Huron shoreline.

This property can be accessed by following Cape Hurd Road. Starting from Highway 6 follow Cape Hurd Road south. Just before the road veers west, pull to the east side of the road and park here. You can walk to the lake and enjoy the scenery!

2. Cape Hurd – Williams

Access Map

This is a 230-acre reserve, EBC acquired this property in 2006.This property can be accessed via Cape Hurd Road. Starting in Tobermory, head south east on Highway 6. Then take Cape Hurd Road south west. Follow the road around the bend passed Bay Shore Avenue North and park on the south west corner of the property.

3. Cape Hurd – Alvar Bay

Alvar Bay

The Alvar Bay Nature Reserve is another project EBC has worked on for several years. The initial 4-acre parcel was acquired in 2001. This parcel is adjacent to an Ontario Nature reserve and protects significant Lake Huron shoreline. Slowly, EBC continued acquiring land in this area. In 2003, EBC acquired 62 acres from the Hock Family. These parcels are adjacent to the initial parcel. 2005 was a big year for EBC. We acquired another 100 acres from the Hock Family along with two other parcels. The Alvar Bay project was growing, it was now over 300 acres spanning from Cape Hurd Road west to the Lake Huron shore and covering over a kilometre of Lake Huron shoreline. There was one spot missing though, the “Missing Piece”. This final 50 acres was acquired in 2015! The Alvar Bay Nature Reserve is now over 350 acres in size, connecting to the Ontario Nature reserve to the south and the Nature Conservancy of Canada reserve to the north. This is a truly spectacular place!

One of the parcels acquired as part of this project was a site that was planned for development. As a result of this, there is a cabin, driveway and a few other buildings on the land. EBC offers a life lease to people interested in sharing the cabin, on this 350-acre reserve.

You may access the property at the point specified in the Cape Hurd Reserves Nature Trail. There is an unopened road allowance on the south side of the property. There is a gate to prevent motorized vehicle access, but walking in is acceptable. If you follow this road allowance, you will end up on the shore where you can continue to to walk north along the shoreline for several kilometres. Eventually, you will come to the parcel with the cabin. We ask that you loop around at this point in order to provide privacy to those who have leased the cabin.

Adams – Book Reserves


Two separate parcels were acquired by EBC near Cameron Lake. The first reserve was a 40-acre property acquired in 2009 with the help of the Adams Family. In 2015, the Book reserve was donated adding 8.78 acres to the southwest corner of the Adams Nature Reserve. This reserve is in an area just outside the boundary of the Niagara Escarpment Plan which regulates land use along the Niagara Escarpment. Due to its close proximity to this boundary, the property possesses many features of the Escarpment including significant areas and species. These reserves extend the Bruce Peninsula National Park along Highway 6 and Beach Road. Starting in Tobermory, travel southeast along Highway 6 and head east on Cameron Lake Road. Follow to the fork and turn right onto Beach Road. After you pass the beach access, you will see an EBC sign on the right side of the road. A trail is located across from 17 Beach Road.

Sadler Creek

Sadler Creek

Sadler Creek was purchased by EBC in 2004. It is a 1092-acre reserve. Begg is a 21-acre reserve that extends the Sadler Creek reserve. EBC acquired the Begg property (western most parcel) in 2011. This property is just south east of our Fedy Reserve. Sadler Creek is considered a provincially significant wetland and is in the Zinkan Island Cove ANSI. This property is located at 4629 Highway 6. Starting in Tobermory, travel southeast along Highway 6. As you enter Miller Lake, continue south to number 4629 on the west side of the road directly across from Miller Lake Road. Continue down this driveway and park where you can! This road continues for over 2 kilometres. As this is a large nature reserve, there are many trails on the land, but they are not marked, not maintained and you can get easily lose your way. If you continue off this main road, please be sure to have a cellphone and/or GPS device with you.

Harkins Reserve


The Harkins Reserve is a small 6-acre property right on the shore of Lake Huron. Six, one-acre parcels were donated by the Harkins family to protect the special features on this property! The Harkins Nature Reserve is located south of our Sadler Creek Nature Reserve. It includes significant Lake Huron shoreline, alvar and if you look hard enough, fossils! If found, please leave them where they are so that others may enjoy these amazing pieces of history! This nature reserve is located on the west side of Sadler Creek Road. On Highway 6 at Miller Lake, continue south to Lindsay Road 20, head west toward the shore. Then turn right onto Youngblood Road, left onto White Cedar Road and follow the the end. Then turn right on Little Pine Drive and right onto Sadler Creek Road. There is a short gravel driveway on the south side of the property that you may use to for parking.



The Vansickle Reserve was EBC’s first nature reserve! It was acquired in 1998. It is a 14 acre reserve. The Vansickle Reserve is located within walking distance of the Harkins Road Side Trail, part of the Bruce Trail. This reserve is also located within the boundaries of the Niagara Escarpment World Biosphere Reserve. Starting in Tobermory, travel southeast along Highway 6. Continue until you reach Dyers Bay Road. Head north to the end and follow the road southeast to the end of the road. There is parking on the north side of Dyers Bay Road. You can follow this trail to Juniper Flats Side Trail and eventually you will cross the Vansickle property. This trail does not loop back and it is approximately 2.5 km one way to get to the Vansickle Reserve. Beware of poison ivy in this area!



The Schulz Reserve was acquired in 2005. It is a 4.5 acre reserve.This reserve is right on the shore of Georgian Bay. It has a trail running through it and surrounding it and includes the full escarpment. It is located within the Niagara Escarpment Biosphere Reserve. Starting in Ferndale, head north on Highway 6 then turn east on Lindsay Road 5. Follow the the end and then turn left onto East Road. Continue on East Road then turn right onto Cape Chin North Road. Follow this road, once you pass Borchardt Road, you will find a Bruce Trail access point on the right side of the road, just before the 40 KM/HR speed limit sign. This is a beautiful relatively short loop. You can walk along this trail and eventually cross our nature reserve. Alternatively, you can continue and at the T-intersection, turn right. Continue along this beautiful lakeside road and eventually you will see EBC signage on the right side of the road. From here you can access beautiful Georgian Bay!



The Martin Reserve was acquired in 2002. It is a 100 acre reserve. This reserve includes the Bruce Trail. Because there is no road access you must use these trails to get to the property. Species at risk have been observed on this property including the eastern whip-poor-will and the black tern. The eastern edge of the property contains a large wetland. Starting in Ferndale, head north on Highway 6. Follow Cherry Hill Road and then head east on Lindsay Road 5. Travel north on East Road and continue until you reach Cape Chin North Road. Continue along as the road to 371 Cape Chin North. The trail access is just across the street.

Jackson Cove

Jackson Cove

This is a 32 acre reserve acquired in 2002. This reserve contains a long stretch of the Jackson’s Cove Side Trail and Cannon Side Trail, sections of the Bruce Trail. This reserve is located in the Hope Bay Forest and Cape Dundas Areas of Natural Scientific Interest. Start in Lion’s Head and head south on ON-29. Continue onto ON-9 until you reach Hopeness Road. Head east on Hopeness Road and turn right onto Jacksons Cove Road and follow until you reach the parking area on the right side of the road. There is parking available courtesy of the Bruce Trail. EBC’s Jackson Cove Nature Reserve is on the opposite side of the road.

Davison Reserve


The Davison Reserve is a 43-acre property acquired in 2012. The Davison Nature Reserve is located just northwest of Black Creek Provincial Park. It is in an area that is becoming heavily developed for cottages. The Davison family has retained the northeast corner of the property and donated the remainder to EBC. This gives us the opportunity to prevent further encroachment on the west, an area which has become quite heavily populated. On Highway 6, once you reach Ferndale head west on ON-9. Continue along until you reach Stoke’s Bay Road. Head north on Stoke’s Bay Road, you will pass Black Creek Provincial Park and Hardwick Cove Road. This reserve is on the left side of the road between number 461 and 489, you will see a sign. There is an area to pull off to the side of the road on the left side. EBC plans to build a trail here soon to encourage people to visit!

CAW Nature Reserve


This nature reserve is 106 acres and was donated to EBC by the Canadian Auto Workers in 2013. This reserve is located across the street from MacGregor Point Provincial Park. This nature reserve backs onto an area of relatively high development along the shoreline. By creating this nature reserve, the CAW has helped prevent this development from further southern expansion. There are many rare species on this reserve. It is a large wooded area with wetland. There is no trail on this property yet, but EBC is planning to build one soon! Starting in Port Elgin, head south on Goderich Street/ON 21 South. After around 3 km turn west onto Concession Road 4. This reserve begins just after you cross Lake Range Road and continues west to Saugeen Beach Road. More information on location can be found here.

McSporran Nature Reserve


In 2007 the McSporrans completed a conservation severance with EBC. In doing so, they retained the northern half of their property and donated the southern 58 acres to EBC. This nature reserve has the Saugeen River crossing through on a north south trajectory starting midway through the southern boundary. This reserve plays an important ecological function in the landscape context, providing riparian and upland forest cover along one of southern Ontario’s largest river systems. The site contains confluence of the main Saugeen River and the Deer Creek providing natural corridor linkage for two major watersheds. Starting in Paisley, head south on ON-3. Continue south until you reach Brant Elderslie where you will head east. Continue to the left on the fork over the bridge. Here you will pass the northern owner retained property on your right, continue until you reach Sideroad 10 N and head south. Make your first right onto Concession 14 East and continue until the road ends. Park here at the southeast corner of the reserve and head to the river!

Saugeen – Darroch Nature Reserve


This 35-acres nature reserve was acquired in 2008 as part of the Darroch Nature Reserve in Hanover. This nature reserve occurs along the Saugeen River. The Hanover Community Trail follows the eastern boundary of the property and continues north and south. You can use this trail to access the Saugeen River and canoe/kayak along the river. From Hanover, west on 10th Street/County Road 4 to 5th Avenue. Head south on 5th Ave., west on 7th Street and follow to the end (changes from 7th St. to 2nd Ave.). You can park on the side of the road and access the trail and river from here!