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Save the cup and Saucer

The Gosling Foundation is matching donations up to $5,000! Help us reach this goal and double your contribution! The Cup and Saucer: An iconic trail EBC’s conservation efforts began on Manitoulin Island in 1998. In 1999 and 2000, EBC acquired 347 acres on the Escarpment. This parcel included a part of the Cup and Saucer […]


This spring, we launched the Preserving Biodiversity Series to celebrate 20 years of conservation! This series of events promotes biodiversity and the important role of land stewardship in its protection. The series began with two workshops which promoted stewardship on privately owned land. The workshops were funded in part by WWF-Canada’s Go Wild Community Grant! […]


Celebrating Conservation

This video was produced with the help of James Murdoch, former EBC Secretary. It takes place on a property on the Bruce Peninsula that EBC is hoping to acquire in the next year! This is what we do and why we do it, enjoy! See other videos!

Pfleugl Nature Reserve

The Pfleugl Nature Reserve is on the west side of the Bruce Peninsula near the shores of Lake Huron. It is within the Sucker Creek Life Science ANSI and next to EBC’s Infanti Nature Reserve. Our Peabody Nature Reserve is just a kilometer south. EBC now holds approximately 190 acres of conservation land in the […]

Silver Nature Reserve

The Silver Nature Reserve is in Grey Highlands and close to the Niagara Escarpment. It shares its eastern border with the Niagara Escarpment Plan boundary. The land contains many features including afforested fields, a maple-beech climax forest and the Wodehouse Marsh Wetland. The location combined with these significant natural features makes a beautiful nature reserve. […]


EBC successfully protected 1,476 acres of land in 2016. Without a doubt, one of the largest contributors to this wonderful achievement is Richard Ottewell. Richard owned 600 acres of vacant land on the Bruce Peninsula and on Great Lakes coastal wetland. 500 acres are in Bruce County and the last 100 acres is at the […]


Caledon Contemporaries is an organization dedicated to practicing and promoting environmental stewardship, social responsibility and spiritual exploration. The group purchased Kimbercote Farm, a beautiful piece of land in the Beaver Valley, in 1975 to create a hub for communities to gather and grow. Caledon Contemporaries donated a conservation agreement to EBC back in 2001 in […]

The cobblestone beach on the shoreline of the Watts Nature Reserve.

The shores of Lake Huron and the coastal wetland habitat associated with it is one of EBC’s focus areas. We have worked to conserve Great Lakes coastal habitat from Manitoulin Island south into Huron County. The first property we worked on at the southern extent of this range was in 2012. Dr. Watts contacted us […]


EBC has received another Conservation Agreement donation from Gunter Springer! This Property is in Grey County right on a tributary of the North Spey River. Gunter Springer has worked with EBC to successfully protect ten properties in Grey County. Each property has a Conservation Agreement registered on title. This allows Gunter to maintain ownership of the […]

Miller Nature Reserve

Margaret Miller contacted us after hearing Bob Barnett and Gunter Springer on Bill Murdoch’s radio show. She realized that donating her land as a nature reserve would provide community benefits and support healthy land cover forever. As of November 2016, EBC is the proud new owner of this wonderful piece of nature! The property shares its southern boundary […]