Protecting the North Spey River – Springer Conservation Agreement

EBC has received another Conservation Agreement donation from Gunter Springer! This Property is in Grey County right on a tributary of the North Spey River. Gunter Springer has worked with EBC to successfully protect ten properties in Grey County. Each property has a Conservation Agreement registered on title. This allows Gunter to maintain ownership of the land and restrict the development potential on the property in perpetuity. The Conservation Agreement will limit the owners with regard to severing, timber harvesting and restricted residential development. These restrictions will protect the ecological integrity of this area for future generations.

Trees were planted on many of these properties to increase carbon sequestration. This Property will be planted with around 5,000 trees as part of Trees Ontario’s 50 Million Tree Program. Each property has its own Forest Management Plan to ensure that only sustainable forestry is practiced. Each forest is managed in favor of a mature old growth stand with wildlife habitat conservation as the primary goal.

Springer North Spey River - Local Map

The Springer Spey River Property is outlined in red on the image above. You can see the various significant areas including: (1) Massie Forest Tract; (2) GSCA Massie Hills Management Area; (3) McGill Lake Life Science ANSI; (4) McGill Lake Provincially Significant Wetland; (5) Hoath Head Locally Significant Wetland; (6) North Spey Provincially Significant Wetland; (7) Niagara Escarpment Plan Area Boundary; (8) Chatsworth Forest Tract; (9) GSCA Spey River Management Area; (10) EBC King-Spey River Protected Area; (11) GSCA Rockford Management Area; and (12) Marshall’s Lake Wetland Complex.

The Property contains part of the Hoath Head Swamp, a locally significant wetland. The Property is also next to the North Spey Provincially Significant Wetland (PSW). The Grey Sauble Conservation Authority’s Massie Hills Management Area is on the opposite side of the road, east of the Property.  There are nine other conservation areas within 5 kilometres of the property including an EBC Nature Reserve. With the addition of this Conservation Agreement, the area will have over 1,000 acres of land managed in favor of conservation.

Springer North Spey River - Aerial

The Springer Spey River property has a tributary of the North Spey River running through it. This results in a large wetland. The property includes forest, fields and wetland, all providing significant habitat for species at risk.

The wetland on the Property provides habitat for the snapping turtle. This species is listed as “Special Concern” in both provincial and federal legislation. There are several Butternut trees on the property. Unfortunately, these trees were infected with the Butternut Canker caused by an invasive fungus. Due to this fungus, Butternut trees are listed as “Endangered” in both provincial and federal legislation. Grassland birds such as the Bobolink and Eastern Meadowlark have also been reported in the area. The open areas formerly used for agriculture provide suitable habitat for these species. Both birds are listed as “Threatened” in Ontario but neither are listed federally. The protection of the natural features on the property will promote the persistence of many species at risk in the area.

We thank Gunter Springer once again for this wonderful donation. He is truly an inspiration to us all!

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