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Yuki’s Canadian Adventure – Part 3

Last weekend, EBC hosted the Monarch Butterfly Festival at the Bruce Peninsula National Park. The Monarch butterfly migrates farther than any other butterfly in North America, all the way to Mexico at the end of the summer. It is incredible that a small butterfly can fly 4,000 km.

During the festival, we caught some of them and put tags on them so we can track their migration south. They flew around so unpredictably that we had to run around the field chasing them. How funny it looked but we were determined to catch the Monarchs. As soon as we brought them to our booth at the visitor center, people gathered around them; they quickly became popular.

There were three booths at the festival that were about EBC, the Monarch and crafts. People loved the display of butterflies and of course, kids loved face painting. At the craft booth, I showed people how to fold a butterfly using Origami, a Japanese traditional paper craft. It was nice when park visitors showed their interests in my Japanese culture. I was able to see quite a variety of nationalities among the people who came to the visitor center. I even met a boy whose mother is a Japanese. It was wierd when he started speaking in Japanese fluently because he had a totally different face from Japanese. This is one of the interesting things that I can find in Canada.

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We had nature walks on EBC’s Alvar Bay Nature Reserve on Cape Hurd Road. Bob used to find many butterflies there but this year we didn’t find any. Luckily, we were able to find some at another place nearby. Some of us also joined the bat walk at night. I wasn’t there but Morgan told me that she and participants were able to hear many bat sounds.

Monarch festival 1All of us had dinner together on Saturday night. The barbeque was really good. My only regret was my accidental dropping of the last sausage. About ten volunteers helped with holding the festival. Most of us stayed in tents, however, the weather was horrible on Saturday night. It rained heavily and it was very windy. Those who stayed in tents said that it didn’t rain for long but the wind kept them awake. I was lucky enough to stay in a cabin. A generator powers the cabin. Unfortunately, it didn’t work well so we had no electricity or water over the weekend. I swam in the lake for the first time instead of taking a shower.

One of my friends from Korea joined us for the weekend. It was her first time visiting the Bruce Peninsula. At first, she was surprised at how wild our stay was going to be. As time went by, she got used to it and was amazed by the wonderful landscape. Eventually, she realized that she really enjoyed the trip.

I never expected that I would be doing this kind of thing in Canada. These experiences have made my stay much better than I ever expected.

Yuki Yamazaki

EBC volunteer – visiting from Japan

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  1. It was fun hiking and chasing butterflies with you, Yuki! Thanks for sharing your story. I am working on mine now.

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