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The Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy is the largest Ontario-focused land conservation agency, dedicated to preserving natural systems. Through a combination of Conservation Agreements and Nature Reserves, EBC provides habitat protection for aquatic and land animals and plants, hiking and adventure trails (such as Manitoulin's Cup and Saucer and Heaven's Gate), ecosystem services including flood prevention for surrounding regions and carbon sequestration to support the global effort to curb climate change.

EBC Successes

Protecting 17,998 acres (over 70 sq km) of land.

Hosting 64 species of conservation concern including many endangered and threatened.

Annually delivering over $28 million worth of ecosystem services including flood reduction, better air and water, and support for biodiversity.

Maintain over 80 km of public Nature Trails.

Contributing to achieving Canada’s goal of protecting 17% of our land*.
By the end of 2019, Canada had 12.1% of its terrestrial area conserved*.

Protecting a donated acre of land for as little as $50. That acre can produce over $1,800 of ecosystem services every year.

Fighting climate change by sequestering carbon in mature trees and wetlands, 658,000 tCO2 of carbon reductions from 2002 to date.

Establishing a new reserve every month!

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We are glad to announce our most recent Nature Reserve in La Cloche Mountains: Heaven's Gate!

Thanks to all our supporters, staff, Board members, and volunteers for all your hard work over the last months.

If you want to know more about this beautiful land and why it is so important ecologically and culturally click here!

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Protect your land from gravel pits, subdivisions, bad forestry and save Income Tax!!

Learn the difference between Conservation Agreements or Deeding Your Land.

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In addition to the natural benefits of conservation, nature reserves have very real economic benefits.

This includes tourism, flood control and habitat preservation.

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Our preserves defend threatened species and spaces and directly curb climate change.

Donate time or money so that we can enlarge our presence and reduce your climate footprint.

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The EBC manages 190 nature reserves, almost all available for you to visit.

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