EBC Successes

EBC is an Ontario-focused charitable land trust.  

Since our founding in 1997, EBC has conserved 230 natural sites of ecological significance. Most of this land is on the Bruce Peninsula and on Manitoulin Island, with notable sites near Sudbury and beyond.

EBC land is host to dozens of threatened or endangered species. Our forests sequester carbon from the atmosphere and support Canada’s biodiversity targets. We protect over 23,000 acres and counting!

EBC maintains hiking trails. Our best-known trail is the “Cup and Saucer” on Manitoulin Island. It is known in Ojibwe as Michigiwadinong, meaning “Bluff in the shape of spearhead”. Another notable preserve is Heaven’s Gate, roughly translated from its proper Anishinaabe name, Kitchitwaa Shkwaandem.

Please help protect wilderness by becoming a member, donating, or just learning more on our website.

EBC gratefully acknowledges that the lands we protect are in the traditional territories of the Saugeen Ojibway Nation, the Whitefish River First Nation, the Nations of Mnidoo Mnising, and other First Nations in Canada, who are the traditional keepers of this land. EBC is committed to holding this land in a good way, that integrates the rights of Indigenous people and advances the goals and objects identified by the 2015 Truth and Reconciliation Commission.


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Wild Futures Project

$1 donated protects $11 worth of land!

$1 donated protects $8.65 of nature services!


In 2022-2023, EBC's goal will be securing 4,868 acres, spanning 42 properties. These precious properties are homes to many species at risk (SAR) in Ontario. Each of these properties could become a wilderness preserve if we meet the fundraising challenge. You can make a tremendous contribution by supporting these proposed acquisitions. Your donation makes a huge contribution toward getting each nature preserve under our wing and SAFE from development pressures. To learn more about the Wild Futures Project Click Here!

Barrie Island

Protect Your Land

Protect your land from gravel pits, subdivisions, bad forestry and save Income Tax!!

Learn the difference between Conservation Agreements or Deeding Your Land.

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Conserve Nature

In addition to the natural benefits of conservation, nature reserves have very real economic benefits.

This includes tourism, flood control and habitat preservation.

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Our preserves defend threatened species and spaces and directly curb climate change.

Donate time or money so that we can enlarge our presence and reduce your climate footprint.

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Our Preserves

The EBC manages 229 nature preserves, almost all available for you to visit.

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