About Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy

EBC is the largest Ontario-focused and most efficient land conservation organization. EBC protects 14,480 acres of land (58.6 square km).

  • that makes us one of Ontario’s largest land trusts
  • with 182 nature reserves... adding almost one a month
  • working to meet Canada’s, Ontario’s, and Global goal of protecting 17% of our land
  • we're only at 4.41% in S. Ontario, 10% in the province of Ontario and 9% across Canada

EBC protects 61 species of conservation concern or species at risk

  • 171 occurrences
  • present on 66 sites
  • 7 endangered, 13 threatened, 20 of special concern and 17 rare.

EBC protects $25,500,000 of ecosystem services* annually

EBC protects 18.5 km of Lake Huron shoreline from development

EBC protects 13.5 km of Niagara Escarpment slope


Robert Barnett Conversation

Robert Barnett in conversation