Budd Nature Reserve

Adopt an Acre for Stewardship

EBC has grown. No acres in 1997, 1,100 acres in 2001, 14,800 acres now. 1,100 acres was a large woodlot in terms of stewardship. 14,800 acres of alvar, forest, woodlots, escarpment, wetlands, small lakes & Lake Huron shore is very different. And zero visitors in 2001, over 25,000 a year now.

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Past Campaigns


Save Willisville Mountain

Buy Willisville Mountain and preserve its natural environment. Willisville Mountain, with its breath-taking outlook, is an eco-treasure, habitat for 12 rare species including Bald Eagles and Peregrine Falcons and an icon in the Group of Seven's work. The mountain is currently for sale. We need your help to buy and preserve it.

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Heaven's Gate_10 (1)

Save La Cloche Mountains

Conserve Heaven's Gate in Ontario's La Cloche Mountains! EBC is buying Heaven's Gate in the La Cloche Wilderness Purchase will create a conservation zone over 500 km2

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