Adopt an Acre for Stewardship!

What does adopting an acre mean and how do I do it?

EBC has grown.  No acres in 1997,  1,100 acres in 2001, 14,800 acres now.  1,100 acres was a large woodlot in terms of stewardship.  14,800 acres of alvar, forest, woodlots, escarpment, wetlands, small lakes & Lake Huron shore is very different.  And zero visitors in 2001, over 25,000 a year now.           

More area, visitors, complexity; means more stewardship required.

Adopt an Acre What does this mean?

EBC has a Stewardship Fund and manages the fund so it grows each year.  Each year we get some growth from the fund for stewardship.  Principal stays in the fund.

Annual stewardship costs are $10 an acre.   A $250 gift provides $10 a year income and covers stewardship costs for an acre.  A $250 gift adopts an acre!   $125 a half acre!   $500 =  2 acres!

Budd Nature Reserve 



How to Adopt an Acre

There are three options:

1) Click on the donate button below and tell us you’re adopting an acre for stewardship. On line gifts are routed through Canada Helps.  They assist Canadian charities with online giving.

2) Mail a cheque to Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy  503 Davenport Rd.  Toronto   Ontario  M4V 1B8

3) Discuss giving securities to EBC with your investment adviser.  A bit more effort, but you will enjoy an enhanced charitable tax credit.  

All donors receive a charitable tax receipt.

After age 25, life is 80% maintenance.   Adopting an Acre covers the ‘maintenance’ in advance.