EBC has grown.  No acres in 1997,  1,100 acres in 2001, 14,800 acres now.  1,100 acres was a large woodlot in terms of stewardship.  14,800 acres of alvar, forest, woodlots, escarpment, wetlands, small lakes & Lake Huron shore is very different.  And zero visitors in 2001, over 25,000 a year now.           

More area, visitors, complexity; means more stewardship required.

Adopt an Acre What does this mean?

EBC has a Stewardship Fund and manages the fund so it grows each year.  Each year we some growth from the  fund for stewardship.  Principal stays in the fund.

Annual stewardship costs are $10 an acre.   A $250 gift provides $10 a year income and covers stewardship costs for an acre.  A $250 gift adopts an acre!   $125 a half acre!   $500 =  2 acres!