So what can we do to save our Spotted Turtles?

EBC has a rare opportunity to protect 1 of the last 25 remaining sites for the Spotted Turtle in Ontario. If we lose this site to urban development, this habitat will be lost forever and we risk further pushing this species towards extinction.

The landowner has agreed to donate half of its $250,000 value if we can raise $125,000 to match it. We are $50,000 away from protecting this land, which we aim to do by Thanksgiving. Any amount will help. Our finish line is in sight! 

As a token of nature's gratitude, Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy will send a package of Woodland Poppy Seeds with your charitable tax receipt.

We have the power to protect and restore our environment. Join us!


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The Story of the Wood Poppy and Spotted Turtle

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