This 486-acre site includes land north of Manitou River Road, part of a pond, the land on both sides of 2 km of Manitou River, and an easterly strip that connects with 600 m of Michael's Bay shoreline which includes Beach Ridges. The latter is a very singular topography in Manitoulin Island.

It joins Blue Jay Creek Park, includes both sides of Manitou River, and surrounds a "ghost town" which is part of Michael's Bay Historical Society. Since its location, this property bears almost the same species as Blue Jay Creek Provincial Park

EBC is working on the conservation of this land to protect riparian zones, dunes, forests and fens. Some of the species of concern reported on the area are: Lake Sturgeon, Northern Brook Lamprey, Hill's Thistle, Pitcher's Thistle.

Some Plant Communities that this land houses are Graminoid Coastal Meadow Marsh type and Little Bluestem Long-leaved Reed Grass - Great Lakes Wheat Grass Dune Grassland type. It also includes Michael's Bay Beach Ridges, a unique sand dune glacial storm formation on Manitoulin Island.


Michael's Bay - Manitou River 

Michael's Bay Sand Dunes