Why is it so important?

To remove threats of:

Quarry - The hills are quartzite. Some feel their 'highest and best use' is for refining flux in metal refineries around the world or as construction aggregate in roads and cities in the Great Lakes area

Housing - There is a shore subdivision to the south. Homes up the slope to get views are possible.

Forestry - The area was logged a century ago and there are people who feel it is time to cut them again. Much of the soil was eroded with the first cutting. The little that is left and the wildlife habitat would be gone with a second.

To protect and preserve:

Species at risk - There are at least 12 including Algonquin (Eastern) Wolf, Peregrine Falcon, Whip-poor-will, Snapping Turtle, Bald Eagle, Eastern Meadowlark, Blandings Turtle, Monarch Butterfly, Red-headed Woodpecker, Canada Warbler.

Culture - Five of the Group of Seven visited and painted from here. Their paintings are safe in museums. It is time to protect the original.

To ensure that it is there for wildlife, you, and all generations to come. A symbol of the land's strength. An ancient place where humankind can find peace and purpose.