Let's make Willisville Mountain a nature reserve!

Willisville Mountain, with its breath-taking outlook, is an eco-treasure, habitat for 12 rare species including Bald Eagles and Peregrine Falcons and an icon in the Group of Seven's work. The mountain is currently for sale. We need your help to buy and preserve it. 

EBC wants to save the Mountain and its surrounding lands to keep it just as the Group of Seven painted it. 

Views from the top are spectacular, out over the La Cloche Hills, to Manitoulin and the North Channel. Willisville Mountain, once conserved, will add to local tourism as people stay an extra day to enjoy this place. It is a premier attraction. 

This important area will protect more of the 3.5 billion-year-old silica and quartz La Cloche Mountains, formerly as high as the Rockies. Parts of the mountain range are protected but key portions remain at risk, including the gap shown in yellow on the map below. You and your family can help protect them. 

Willisville Mountain

Buy Willisville Mountain

and preserve its natural environment

What happens when you give?

Once we have created a nature reserve, the habitat will be safe. Hikers will get a new trail, the site will be open for school visits, research, painting, snowshoeing and EBC will have  anew site to rival the Cup and Saucer in what it brings to hikers and conservation. 

Update: The funds have been raised to purchase the mountain!!!