In 2022-2023, EBC's goal will be securing 4,868 acres, spanning 42 properties. These precious properties are homes to many species at risk in Ontario including: 


Spotted Turtle, Blanding's Turtle, Midland Painted Turtle, Queensnake, Pitcher’s Thistle, Hill’s Thistle, American Chestnut, Barn Swallow, Little Brown Myotis, Canada Warbler, Eastern Wood Pewee, Eastern Meadowlark, Hart's tongue fern, Bobolink, Woodthrush just to name a few.


The 'Wild Futures Project' is a large land conservation securement project which includes 42 new properties located along Manitoulin Island, Georgian Bluff, Southern Bruce and the Niagara Escarpment ensuring that land and biodiversity are protected for generations to come. 



Our goal is to raise matching funding and we need your help!