This December, EBC will be heading into our 25th year of becoming a charity - the largest Ontario focused land trust.  One of the ways we will be celebrating is by releasing Wildlife Warrior digital educational packages throughout the year (December 2021-December 2022). These digital packages are all about species at risk in Ontario. Our first to be released is all about the Algonquin Wolf. With less than 500 left in Ontario, it has never been more important to learn about and protect them. Stay up to date as more species at risk get added to our Wildlife Warrior Campaign here: or on this campaign page. 


Featured in this gift:

  • Algonquin Wolf Fact Sheet

  • Wolves & Indigenous World-views

  • Wildlife Warrior Certificate 

  • How EBC is protecting the Algonquin Wolf


These digital packages make great gifts during the holiday season. Give the gift of nature this year and know that you are contributing towards protecting critical Ontario habitat for species at risk.



Become A Wildlife Warrior

For Ontario's Species At Risk