Why visit Manitoulin Island?

Manitoulin Island is the largest freshwater island in the world, located in  northern  Lake  Huron , in  the  province  of Ontario, Canada.  It is known  for  its  breathtaking  natural  beauty , rich  Indigenous culture,  and abundance of outdoor activities!

Landscapes, Wildlife and Outdoor activities:

The island is home to a diverse array of wildlife and scenic landscapes, including the Cup and Saucer hiking trail, which offers panoramic views of the island, and the Kagawong River, which is popular for canoeing and kayaking. Other outdoor activities include fishing, biking, bird watching, and stargazing. The island's lakes and rivers are home to a variety of fish, including pike, bass, and salmon, while the forests are home to deer, moose, and black bear.

Indigenous Culture and History:

Manitoulin Island is the traditional territory of the Anishinaabe people, who have lived on the island for thousands of years. Visitors can learn about the island's Indigenous history and culture by visiting the Wikwemikong Heritage Centre and the M'Chigeeng First Nation's Cultural Centre. The island also hosts traditional powwows and other cultural events throughout the year, which offer a unique opportunity to experience Indigenous dance and music, as well as traditional foods and crafts.

To learn more about traditional Indigenous Culture and land conservation in Manitoulin watch the video below. A heartfelt thank you goes out to Alan Corbiere, a member of the M'Chigeeng First Nation and Assistant Professor at York University, for generously sharing his invaluable words of wisdom in the captivating video. We would also like to extend our gratitude to Chris Elliott at Insight Media for his exceptional filming expertise that brought this story to you.

EBC's Hiking Trails on the Island & Sudbury:

  • Barrie Island
  • Lewis Twin Peaks
  • 10 Mile Point
  • Fossil Hill
  • Heaven's Gate 
  • Wolsey Lake

For a full list of our nature preserves on Manitoulin Island/Sudbury please click here.