Linda Willson


Committees: Stewardship, Indigenous

Linda has been a member of the EBC Board since 1998 when she joined in an effort to preserve the Cup and Saucer/Michigiwadinong. This land is not only a very popular hiking area, but it has a long-standing history with the Anishinabe of Manitoulin Island. Over the years she has worked with EBC to preserve land on Manitoulin, map the land ownership across the Island, make trails and steward the land. She worked on a project to designate Manitoulin as a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve and though the indigenous people and some of the environmental thinking settler people supported this greatly, there was a strong minority who were able to waylay the venture. Maybe the time will come for this in the future? While working on this project Linda became more aware of indigenous land stewardship activities and ways, so it was exciting for her when EBC started up an indigenous committee. So presently her work on the board involves stewardship and indigenous issues regarding land trusts and land sharing. As one wise elder taught her, it is important to understand what the land wants and to know that two leggeds are but only one part of Mother Earth. With that view, Linda continues her work with EBC.