Roy Jeffery

Roy Jeffery. Roy has been a board member of EBC for over 20 years and and is now an officer, serving as Director of Land Stewardship. He and his wife Cathy have contributed personally to every major land acquisition on the island and north shore! He has also created and maintained nearly all of EBC's public hiking trails on Manitoulin Island, and has been the volunteer manager of Freer Point nature preserve since it was acquired. Roy has been a family physician in northern Ontario for 40 years and won the northern Ontario family physician of the year award in 2008. He has served on the board of Manitoulin Health Centre and as Chief of Staff. In addition to his medical career and community involvement, Roy is committed to strong, ethical management of EBC with a focus on stewardship to protect and maintain its assets. He believes in engaging traditional Indigenous landowners in the management and stewardship process to ensure that their voices are heard and their rights respected. Roy's dedication to EBC has been instrumental in the organization's success, and his contributions have helped to make Manitoulin Island and the north shore a better place for everyone.