Rare Species on EBC Reserves

Due to the location and ecological characteristics of our focus areas, EBC has a variety of rare species on our nature reserves. These species include those that are considered rare provincially and at-risk in Ontario and Canada. The designations used in the table below represent these different levels. EBC protects the habitat of 63 rare species.

Of Ontario's 270 species of conservation concern: endangered, threatened, special concern or merely rare, EBC protects 64. There are 243 such species occurrences on 81 of our reserves. There are 10 endangered species including the Queensnake, Little Brown bat, Jefferson Salamander, Butternut Tree, and Golden Eagle. Twelve threatened species, 19 species of special concern, and 18 rare species are also found on our reserves.

Contact us for more specific info if you have a particular interest but we try to keep this information relatively close to the vest.

It is always exciting to review each potential new reserve for its potential to protect these important species.


Download Detailed Species in Reserves Chart.