Bianca Barrett - Staff

December 15, 2020

Job Title: Stewardship Coordinator

Contact info:

Bianca was born and raised in Toronto. She started her career in the residential construction sector as a Project Coordinator/Manager after receiving a Bachelor of Applied Technology in Construction Science and Management. Hiking conservation trails, volunteering with birds of prey and self-taught biology lead her to realize her passion for preserving the environment. Because of this, she decided to make a career shift into the conservation sector.

Land use planning, budgeting, and city applications all proved to be transferable skills in conservation planning. Bianca started as a Conservation Coordinator with Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy in September 2019, preparing Ecological Sensitivity Reports, grant applications, and accompanying Bob on site visits, meetings with landowners and outreach events. She now focuses on stewardship related activities as the Stewardship Coordinator with EBC. Some of her responsibilities include interacting with volunteers and conducting site visits. Bianca is currently part-time as she pursues her Masters in Ocean Technology and Mapping, developing a thorough understanding of Geographical Information Systems and concepts that are applied to all bodies of water including lakes and rivers.