Hannah Jowett

Job title: Environmental Education & Communications Manager

Contact info: hannah@escarpment.ca

Hannah was born and raised in England - a place she credits for igniting her love for the outdoors and nature. She spent her childhood and teenage years hiking with her family across the English countryside as well as the Scottish and Welsh mountains. Her love for the natural world led her to embark on an International Wildlife Biology (BSc) degree at the University of South Wales in the UK to deepen her understanding of the living world around her. As part of her course, she gained a solid foundation on the intricate interactions between and among species we share this wonderful planet with! She has traveled from the cloud forests of Honduras to the deserts of Namibia observing phenomenal animal behaviours, across a vast number of species, in the wild. Conservation projects throughout Africa have taught her a lot about the tough realities of being on the front line of conservation.

In 2015, Hannah moved to Ontario, Canada to study Education (BEd) in the hopes of parting some of her passion and love for the environment onto the next generation. Before joining EBC, she taught in public and private schools across Canada (Baffin Island, Nunavut and Toronto, Ontario).

Hannah works with us 4 days a week as our Environmental Education & Communications Manager. Hannah’s role focuses on: communicating successes and updates through social media channels, writing EBC’s monthly newsletter, fundraising, as well as planning and executing educational outreach programs.