Khazana Ahmadli - Staff

Job title: GIS Technician
Contact info:
Khazana joined the EBC team as a GIS Technician at the beginning of Febuary 2022. Khazana was born and raised in Baku, Azerbaijan and moved to Canada in 2018. She completed both her bachelor's and master's degrees in Geography at Baku State University(Azerbaijan) and Akdeniz University (Turkey) respectively. 

Khazana has always had a passion for nature - since childhood, however, she began to feel even more connected to nature during her time at University. As a geography student, she used to visit Azerbaijan’s districts and parks with her peers and discovered all the natural beauties in Azerbaijan. Outside of University, Khazana has travelled to some breathtaking natural areas throughout Europe, the US, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Turkey, Cyprus and Georgia. 

While she pursues a career as a GIS technician, she is helping EBC to create mapping layers using ESRI’s products. Khazana will be assisting during the field research and biological inventories (inc. species at risk), providing support during the monitoring and assessment of terrestrial and aquatic habitats and using GIS to analyze ecosystem types. She’s hoping to help EBC to have its own GIS mapping layers on the county and municipality levels. 
Khazana Ahmadli