wild futures

Wild Futures Campaign

June 29, 2022 — In 2022-2023, EBC's goal will be securing 4,868 acres, spanning 42 properties. These precious properties are homes to many species at risk in Ontario including:    Spotted Turtle, Blanding's Turtle, Midland Painted Turtle, Queensnake, Pitcher’s Thistle, Hill’s Thistle, American Chestnut, Barn Swallow, Little Brown Myotis, Canada Warbler, Eastern Wood Pewee, Eastern Meadowlark, Hart's tongue fern, Bobolink, Woodthrush just to name a few.  ...

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algonquin wolf

December Launch of EBC's Wildlife Warrior Campaign!

December 12, 2021 — This December, EBC will be heading into our 25th year of becoming a charity - the largest Ontario focused land trust.  One of the ways we will be celebrating is by releasing Wildlife Warrior digital educational packages throughout the year (December 2021-December 2022). These digital packages are all about species at risk in Ontario. Our first to be released is...

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