Featured Reserve - Sadler Creek March 2021

March 16, 2021

History: Sadler Creek is a 1,092 acre plot of land, designated a Nature Reserve in 2004. Located at the former Lindsay Township on the Bruce Peninsula.

Significant Features: Running through the property is a lovely creek, after which the reserve is named.  Habitats include: numerous swamps and marshes, and excellent samples of alvar sites. At the most northerly point, there is a large hardwood stand approximately 95 years old which has an average height of 22m. Some areas of this property are part of the Zinkan Island Cove Area of Natural and Scientific Interest, and Sadler Creek Provincially Significant Wetland.

Species-at-risk present: There are many species of plants and animals found on the reserve. Just to name a few: Caspian Tern, Indian Plantain (tuberous), Massasauga Rattlesnake, and Snapping Turtle have been reported there.

How to get there: This property is at 4629 Highway 6. Go south from Tobermory on Hwy 6, through Miller lake to number 4629 on the west side of the road.  600 metres south of the RONA lumber and 200 meters south of and across from Miller Lake Road. Continue down this lane and park where you can! This lane continues for over 2 km. Sadler Creek is over 1,000 acres and has many trails; these are not maintained or marked so take care as you can easily lose your way many trails. As they are not marked or maintained, you can easily lose your way. Let someone know where you are going and be sure to carry a cell phone, GPS and/or compass. 

sadler creek