Help save the Spotted Turtle this June!

June 17, 2020

Great Canadian Giving Challenge 2020

The Spotted Turtle is one of Ontario's smallest turtles. In the last 40 years, their numbers have drastically declined - 75% of the recorded 109 sites with occurrences of this species have had no recorded sightings in 20 years.

EBC is working hard to acquire a parcel of land located right on the shore of Lake Huron that is one of about 25 remaining sites in Ontario that have the endangered Spotted Turtle.

If we lose this site to urban development (and our planner assures us it is eligible for building), this habitat will be lost forever.

YOU can help to prevent this rare turtle from being another number on the list of extinct species.

CLICK HERE to help EBC protect the

Spotted Turtle site AND we will send you

Wood Poppy seeds!

In the message section be sure to indicate you want wood poppy
seeds and provide your name & mailing address.
See Wood Poppy poster below for more details.

Every $1 donated throughout the month of June enters Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy in the running to win the Great Canadian Giving Challenge prize of $20,000 which will go towards protecting land and the rare habitats it supports such as that of the Spotted Turtle, for generations to come!

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*** Habitat for Wood Poppy: Hardwood woodlots, treed ravines, or by wooded streams. Prefers full shade but can do well in mixed shade. Often found near/with: Sugar Maple, White Ash, American Beech

*** Instructions: You need access to a garden and woods. Plant the seeds in the garden. Let us know how they do. When they are established, transplant some into a suitable place that you own.

Thank you to Joe Crowley for permission to use his photograph!
Spotted Turtle