Nature Preserve of the Month: Mooi (July 2022)

August 8, 2022

This is a 96.95 acre nature preserve located in Meaford, Ontario. Thanks to Jean and Frederick Mooi, who donated their land this year to EBC, we will protect your beautiful gift permanently!

The northern-east and south-east portion of the land area is located within North Spey Wetland which constitutes approximately 15% of the total area. The nature preserve is also in close proximity to the Marshall's Lake Wetland Complex. Despite the fact that Mooi does not have an Area of Natural and Scientific Interest (ANSI) inside it, it is within about 3-km of McGill Lake (ANSI) and Hoath Head Wetland. It is also made up of approximately 54 acres of significant woodlands, with this area being dominated by sugar maple, white ash and american beech.

Within 20km of Mooi, there are nine fee simple EBC nature preserves and fifteen conservation agreement nature preserves.

The photo seen below is of Dead Man's Fingers (Xylaria polymorph) fungi taken by Shannon MacDonald on the Mooi nature preserve. These fungi are inhabitants of forest and woodland areas, usually found growing from the bases of rotting or injured tree stumps or decaying wood.