Nature Reserve of the Month: Green Point (November, 2021)

November 30, 2021

History & Significant Features:

Green Point is a 69 acre property that was acquired in 2005. This nature reserve extends the existing 13,000 acres, Queen Mum Park, officially designated as a Natural Environment Provincial Park in 2014. The property also extends the existing shoreline of the Queen Mum Park by 2 kilometres.

Many rare thistles have been observed on the property and the threatened population of lake sturgeon has been observed off the shore of the property.

EBC currently has secured matching funding to purchase Green Point East which is an additional 31.92 acres. This area has provincially tracked habitat types, such as: Shrubby Cinquefoil - Creeping Juniper - Scirpus-like Sedge Alvar Pavement & Jack Pine - White Cedar - Low Calamint Treed Alvar Grassland. If you would like to donate to this project please click the link above this post.

Location (Manitoulin Island):

This reserve must be accessed from the Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Mnidoo Mnissing. Follow Hwy 540 west until you reach Burnt Island Road. Head south on Burnt Island Road and continue west along Burnt Island Road. Continue along the road and find parking where available. There are no roads that lead to this nature reserve so you must hike through the Park. To view the location in Google Maps, click the link here. 

green point