Nature Reserve of the Month: Orlowski (October 2021)

October 12, 2021

History & Significant Features

The Orlowski Nature Reserve is 98 acres of wetland, forest and grassland habitats located in Wiarton, Ontario. Wiarton is a community in the town of South Bruce Peninsula. The land was generously donated by Dan Orlowski in 2019. A large proportion of the reserve is covered by Rankin River Wetland (PSW). These diverse habitats provide homes to many different species of flora and fauna. The wetland complex provides shelter for reptiles, birds and mammals such as painted and snapping turtles, waterfowl, sandhill cranes and beavers. The forested areas provide a safe space for pileated woodpeckers, bobolinks, flying squirrels, deer and black bears. And the grasslands provide important habitat for pollinating invertebrates. 

Join us for our grand opening of Orlowski on October 17th between 1 and 3pm. Register for FREE here!


Starting in Wiarton, Ontario, head north along Highway 6 until you reach Road 13. Head west along Road 13 for approximately 7.4km and the Orlowski Nature Reserve will be on the north side of the road.


pileated woodpecker