Nature Reserve of the Month: Phillips Peel (July 2021)

July 27, 2021

Nature Reserve of the Month: Phillips Peel

The property is located in the Township of Mapleton. It is situated on the land of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation, Mississauga, Odawa, Anishinabewaki and the Petun. The landscape is dominated by agriculture. The forest present on this property contributes to the small network of forested land remaining in the area. A mix of 150 trees and shrubs consisting of a mix of American elm, black cherry, sugar maple, trembling aspen, alternate leaf dogwood, red osier dogwood, and red elderberry were planted in the front portion of the pine plantation to increase the diversity of trees in the understory as part of OLTA’s Climate Action Program in Fall 2020.

There are two large permanent ponds on the site. The area surrounding the ponds is relatively open with plants such as cattails, Canada goldenrod, red-osier dogwood, spruce trees, hemlock and white cedar. There are several vernal pools and forested wetlands throughout the remainder of the property. There is one large patch of deciduous forest and swamp on the land which is relatively young. This area has leaf litter and woody debris that create habitat for amphibians and reptiles as well as other flora and fauna species. The wetlands on the property are part of the Ritch Tract Swamp Provincially Significant Wetlands and are associated with a stream that runs through the property and flows east onto the adjacent land. The property provides habitat for 3 SAR the Eastern Wood-pewee, Midland Painted Turtle and Monarch Butterfly.

How can I get there?

From Arthur, ON, the reserve is a 7-minute drive. Head south on Highway 6 until you reach Side Road 18. Head west along Side Road 18, then make a left and drive south along 18 Line for just under 1km. The reserve is on your right.

To view our trail map of the property click here.