Nature Reserve(s) of the Month: Stein Properties (December 2022)

December 29, 2022

This month, we are celebrating a collection of properties on which we have conservation agreements, thanks to Amy Stein who entrusted us with their protection and stewardship. There are 5 properties in total spanning over 440 acres located within Grey County and Wellington which we obtained this month. A further two properties from Stein will hopefully be secured in the New Year bringing the total acreage up to 560 acres.
A proportion of the properties are used for organic agriculture but the remaining forested, hedgerow and treed swamp areas are protected by EBC. Numerous species at risk call these properties home, such as Great blue heron, Eastern milk snake, Snapping turtle, Ebony boghaunter, Harlequin darner, Eastern meadowlark, Bobolink and Wood thrush.
The photograph here is of one of the Stein properties, over 100 acres in size located in Grey County.