Save Michael's Bay - Great Canadian Giving Challenge!

June 14, 2021

This June, every $1* you donate enters us to win $20,000! The more you give, the more chances for us to win! Give today by clicking here!

EBC has an exciting opportunity to conserve 486 acres of Manitoulin land along Michael's Bay. All donations made this month will go towards this purchase.

Where is Michael's Bay and why should it be saved?

This Manitoulin treasure is located next to Blue Jay Creek Park, on both sides of the Manitou River, surrounding a 'ghost' town. See map below. The bay contains priority dune habitat as well as crucial shore, wetland fen and riparian habitat supporting many species at risk including but not limited to Gattinger’s Aglanis, Blanding’s Turtle and Spotted Turtle. Species such as Lake Sturgeon, Northern Brook, Lamprey, Hill's Thistle, and Pitcher's Thistle are also present on the property.

There is a high potential for migratory/wetland bird populations like the Bank Swallow within the riparian, dune and fen zones of Michael’s Bay. The inclusion of approximately 2km of Blue Jay Creek within the property boundaries and post-glacial series shoreline increases the potential for fish, amphibian, and aquatic mammal species at risk native to the region. Since the property abuts Blue Jay Provincial Park (creating an important wildlife corridor) and contains post-glacial dunes, EBC believes Michael’s bay is crucial land to protect!
History of Michael's Bay

Over the last 200 years, Michael's Bay has survived fire, logging and clear-cuts. It's a wild space recovering. Unfortunately, neighbouring properties are being clear cut, again and Michael's Bay is at risk of the same fate. Give Michael's Bay, its cedars 15 feet around, its river fit for trout and all its species time to recover and centuries to flourish. 

We need $665,000 to secure this site. Donate today! And EBC will ensure Michaels' Bay is there tomorrow, the day after and always.


Photo to the right taken by Bousquet Realty

Michael's Bay