Save the Monarchs - Plant FREE Milkweed Seeds!

April 4, 2022

Create habitat for monarch butterflies and plant milkweed in your garden. As Spring gets underway and temperatures begin to warm, late April/May is the perfect time to start planting milkweed seeds. Milkweed plants are the life source for monarch butterflies, without them, there are no monarchs. 

Join our effort to create as much monarch habitat as we can. EBC is offering FREE milkweed seeds to those who register. We kindly request that if you can spare a few dollars to cover the expenses of packaging and sending, that will help us grow this effort so we can get more seeds planted across Ontario. 

Register by clicking here!

In your package you can expect 30+ milkweed seeds and planting instructions. 

The action taken by each of us determines the future of the monarch. It's a team effort. Join us