Species of the month: Blanding's Turtle (February 2021)

February 23, 2021


  • Easily identified by their bright yellow throat and chin
  • Domed shell with yellow flecks and streaks

Did you know? Blanding's turtles are semi-aquatic reptiles that can live up to 75 years in the wild!

Habitat: Blanding’s Turtles live in shallow water, usually in large wetlands and shallow lakes with lots of aquatic vegetation.

Threats: One of their biggest threats is human development

How Can I Help?

Help EBC raise the money to protect 'Heavens Gate' - a wildlife corridor, almost 2,000 acres long, between Killarney Provincial Park and La Cloche Provincial Park. Blanding's turtles make their home here. Let EBC protect them forever. Donate by clicking here!

Blanding's Turtle