Species of the Month: Butternut Tree (August, 2022)

August 31, 2022

The butternut tree, commonly referred to as the white walnut, is a native of North America and one of the toughest nut trees. Rich, buttery-flavored nuts that are harvested in late October are popular for fresh eating, confections, and baking. The nuts are valuable food for deer, squirrels and birds.
Defining Characteristics:
- Mature butternut trees are 50-60 feet tall
- Has deeply furrowed grey bark with a trunk 30 to 60 cm (12 to 24 inches) in diameter.
- Compound leaves (18-30 inches in length) with 11 to 17 yellowish-green leaflets with a hairy underside.
Did you know?
- The inner bark was once used as an orange or yellow dye.
- Some substances in the inner bark of the roots are used in medicines.
Butternut trees and EBC:
Butternut trees can be found on several of EBC's nature reserves! Take a look at our story map by following this link: https://escarpment.ca/see-our-reserves/ebc-story-map, and choose a nature reserve to explore!