Species of the month: Endangered Spotted Turtle (November)

November 30, 2020


Spotted Turtles are semi-aquatic reptiles that can be found in unpolluted wetland habitats such as ponds, marshes or bogs.

In 1990 Ontario had 130 sites with Spotted Turtles. Today there are only 25! In one turtle life span, 80% of their homes have been taken from them.

How can I help?

Worry doesn’t work. Donate! $20, less than a week’s coffee money. It doesn’t matter if it’s Hannukah, Diwali, Christmas, Eid Mubarak, Kwanzaa, Chun Jie or Tuesday afternoon, if you and a 1,000 others donate three weeks worth of coffee money, Spotted Turtles will have this home forever. Every holiday, every day, give the gift of long life to the Spotted Turtle.

Give long life to the Spotted Turtle

EBC has a rare opportunity to purchase 1 of the last remaining 25 sites home to Spotted Turtles in Ontario! If we lose this site, it is gone forever. We are so close to our goal! EBC needs just $45,000 to secure this permanent home for Spotted Turtle.

Donate here: https://escarpment.ca/donate/protect-spotted-turtle

Spotted Turtle Final Giving Tuesday (4)