Species of the Month: Evening Grosbeak (April 2021)

April 30, 2021

Conservation Status: Special Concern

How to identify Evening Grosbeak:

  • large finch
  • thick bill used to break open seeds
  • high pitch chirps and calls!

Where do they live and what do they eat?

  • Coniferous forests feeding primarily on invertebrates - such as the spruce budworm
  • In summer they eat insects and larvae from treetops and in winter, they feed on seeds, berries and fruit.
You can attract evening grosbeaks to your garden bird feeder using their favorite food - sunflower seeds! They have been known to eat 96 seeds in 5 minutes!

Surprisingly, they also have an appetite for road salt. Because of this, collisions with vehicles have threatened their population. Other threats include: window collisions, pesticide use to control spruce budworm populations and climate change.

How can I help?

By conserving mature forests we can protect evening grosbeak habitat from forestry and development. Donate to EBC today or become an EBC member.

***Photo credit: Celine Bellemare***