Species of the month: Peregrine Falcon (March 2021)

March 23, 2021

Conservation Status: Species-At-Risk

The Peregrine Falcon is all about speed. They have long pointed wings allowing them to fly at diving speeds of more than 300km/hr. The Peregrine Falcon wins the world's fastest bird competition.

Identifying features:

- Easily identified by the black facial mask 
- Females are larger than males and a pair will generally mate for life


The Peregrine Falcon can be found world wide. The word 'Peregrine' means to wander, which accurately reflects their habitat range. They will nest on high cliffs and in urban areas on top of buildings.

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Behaviour and Diet

  • Pairs tend to mate for life
  • Usually eat birds such as ducks, pigeons, gulls and songbirds. They can also eat bats, rodents and fish