Summer of Pollinators: Bees Virtual Event!

July 12, 2021

Join us for the next installment of a 'Summer of Pollinators' virtual event series all about bees! 

Tuesday, July 27th at 7 pm! 

Where can I sign up?
Click here!

What will I learn?

Did you know there are approximately 420 species of pollinating bee species in Ontario? Unfortunately, many of them have recently been categorized as at risk in Canada. During the hour together, learn about the importance of bees, bee diversity, and basic identification skills with a particular focus on Bumble Bees. You will learn about threats to bees, how you can help, bumblebee community science initiatives you can participate in and WPC's Bumble Bee Recovery Program.  

You will also learn about how EBC supports these important pollinators and how you can get involved with our organization.

Guest Speakers

Tiffani Harrison is currently the Conservation Outreach & Field Biologist for Wildlife Preservation Canada's Native Pollinator Initiative. She specializes in bumblebees and manages all community outreach and field work components of the Bumble Bee Recovery Program. Ellen Richard is the Bumble Bee Recovery Program's current Bumble Bee Conservation Technician. She has been studying and working in the field of entomology over the last 6 years, specializing in pollinators.

Please share this event with any friends, family members or colleagues that want to learn more about the world of bees. We will be holding our final virtual event for a 'Summer of Pollinators' all about butterflies as important pollinators in September, stay tuned in upcoming emails for the date!

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