Thanks for the memories!

March 23, 2023

Dear EBC Supporters,

As announced, Bob Barnett is no longer Executive Director of Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy (EBC). He and his wife, long-time volunteer, Anna Barnett, have built a highly functional machine that will continue to flourish based on their vision. We thank Bob and Anna for their advanced planning, expertise, and continued guidance.

Bob, Ted Cowan, Robert Wilson, the late Robert Adams, and the late Dan King, started this project, laser-focused on acquiring new lands before it is too late. Bob demonstrated a zealous fealty for cost-consciousness and a bang-for-your-buck ethos that continues to cast a tall shadow. No one can stretch a dollar like Bob Barnett. We remain committed to following that example.

Going forward, EBC’s existing staff members will handle acquisition and the lion’s share of stewardship and outreach. In the interim, the leadership has shifted to the volunteer officers of EBC. They are:

  • Myself (Saba Ahmad), as CEO,
  • Founding Director, Ted Cowan, will continue in his role as Treasurer and CFO,
  • Long-time Director, Dr. Roy Jeffrey as Director of Land Stewardship, and
  • Director, Samantha Angel, as incoming Chief Communications Officer.

Bob and Anna deserve gratitude for their conservation work in Ontario, and for their continued support.  The transition planning Bob has provided has been invaluable. Better still is having the Lorax walk side by side with us as his legacy unfolds.


Saba Ahmad
CEO and Board Chair

*Saba and Bob in High Park
Photo Credit: Sasha Sefter