Urgent Conservation Issues

November 20, 2020

Friends/all people concerned about Ontario's ecological future, we are confronted with two major issues:

The conservation authorities are facing a major loss of jurisdiction.

They are the primary defenders of wetlands after disasters like Hurricane Hazel which killed 82 people when I was a kid. I hope you will read the attached information and support the current role of conservation authorities. Please phone your MPP and speak to them in person about this.

Click here to see the Response from CAs and Support our CAs.

The Mount Nemo Quarry expansion, right on the Niagara Escarpment has come to life again after being turned down many years ago because of Jefferson Salamanders and other species. Sarah Harmer has asked me to ask you to get involved.  Again, become informed.  Voice your opinion.

See here the email from Sarah Harmer and Roger Goulet.

These are both time sensitive. They can't wait til after Christmas. The Conservation Authority issue is part of the Budgect Omnibus bill and is before the legislature now.

This is not a partisan question; it is a CONSERVATION question. It affects everyone in Ontario


Written by: Bob Barnett

Bates Nature Reserve