Virtual AGM Success!

October 1, 2020

EBC’s AGM capped a successful year of conservation results while working within the parameters of COVID-19. We would like to send a special thanks to our retiring directors: Robert Wilson, Gord Edwards and Gillian Leitch. Robert Wilson was a founding director of EBC, he wrote our original by-law and got us incorporated. Robert also did a lot of legal work pro. bono on at least our first properties! Gord Edwards helped us in the field and suggested numerous contacts, in addition to donating four nature reserves in the Kemble and Chatsworth area. Gillian Leitch assisted EBC focus on new opportunities regularly.
We would also like to thank Miriam Henriques, for her service as Chair. Miriam's grace, diplomacy and her understanding of issues will be continued in another role within the Board as she steps down from her position as Chair and becomes Vice-Chair. We appreciate Saba Ahmad taking enough time from her legal practice and stepping up to take on the Chair's responsibility. Ted Cowan will carry on as treasurer after filling in for Dan King who died in March. Ostap Soroka has decided to help us with secretarial responsibilities.
We would also like to welcome our 5 new Board members: Jillian Albert, Samantha Angel, Jo-Ann Davis, Karen MacDuffee and Ostap Soroka, for volunteering to join the Board. EBC’s depth of experience and variety of perspectives, gender balance and youth will be greatly enhanced with an influx of abilities and enthusiasm. All of which are much needed to help us with outreach, build reserves and further stewardship.
AGM screenshot