Volunteer of the Month - Bill Pegg (November, 2021)

November 11, 2021

Bill learned about EBC many years ago, in the early 2000s, when he was living on Manitoulin Island. He heard about us conserving the Cup and Saucer Nature Reserve and maintaining the hiking trails for public use.
Bill loves getting outdoors and supports efforts to conserve natural areas in their native state as much as possible, so volunteering with EBC is a good fit for him. He assists with annual stewardship inspections of a couple of EBC properties - the Ark and Penetangore-Kelly near Kincardine. His inspections entail going on a guided tour by electric golf cart with the owner on one property and making his way through the bush on foot as best he can on the other. Bill always enjoys his time on the inspections; it's a great reason to get out in the woods for a few hours.
When Bill is not outside, he spends his days as a family doctor - working at a community health center in Toronto. He also works for a couple of weekends a month at a small hospital in a rural area. In the past, Bill has done some overseas volunteer work and worked in northern parts of Canada.
Here is a photo of Bill with his daughter hiking into Misery Bay on Manitoulin Island. Thank you for all you do to support EBC and the natural areas of Southern Ontario!
bill pegg