Volunteer of the month - Ivor Simmons (December 2020)

December 23, 2020

Ivor learned about EBC after being told about a parcel of land in Caledon East, owned by his friend's company. Being in the Oakridges Moraine and not amenable to development, he thought it would be ideal for protection by The Nature Conservancy. It was not a property that the organization wanted and so they referred him to EBC. Ivor so kindly gave us the funds to buy the Simmons family property.

Ivor just stopped volunteering with Earth Rangers after it lost funding and closed its animal and bird rehabilitation facilities when Bob (EBC's Executive Director) expressed he could use a volunteer. Ivor helped EBC in the office for several years and also served on the board. Since then Ivor helped Bob at shows (Green Living, the horticultural show and others around Southern Ontario) and has helped to send out Precipice on a regular basis.

"I like to help EBC because I am committed to environmental causes and I think this organization plays an important role in this area" - Ivor Simmons